Wine and cheese casting

Board of variety of gourmet smoked and blue cheese with olive-tomato tapenade, with grapes and dried fruit, and exquisite wine on side

Culinary workshop – cooking team

Team building cooking classes with the Chef and getting new culinary skills with a lot of fun. The workshop is a great form of integration and gaining new experiences. It is about creating a good team that is ready for any challenge. Participants have a chance to select the group leader and learn to work under time pressure.

Tasting of wine, flavored vodkas and liqueurs.

The offer has been prepared especially for the guests who “value quality more than quantity”.

These are products rarely available or not available at all in stores. Tincture prepared with fruit and herbs using traditional methods. Additionally, vodkas and meads aged in oak barrels and special editions and old vintages of different alcohols. A feast for connoisseurs and the history of brewing practice in Poland…

The choice of:

“Best Polish liquors” – recommended for visitors from the region

“Best Carpathian liquors” – recommended for visitors from abroad


Free disco equipment

The Hotel provides disco equipment as well as the music, or you can bring your own.

DJ - price at around 1000 PLN net

Professional DJ plays the dance music of the 80s and 90s and contemporary pop/rock, and skilfully leads the dance and fun.

Live music – prices from 1800 PLN net to 3000 PLN net..

We cooperate with many music bands including:

Amati band - musicians and the leading singer will put you in the mood of the 70s, 80s and 90s, or if you wish the contemporary pop.

Karczmarze - this band performs songs of different cultures.

Duo recital a feast for your ears performance by a singer and a keyboardist.


Flair bartending show

Flair bartending show – entertaining guests with unusual preparation of drinks by juggling bottles, cups, shakers, ice cubes etc. During the show colourful cocktails are prepared for the audience. The show culminates with a spectacular burning bar trick and flaming bottles in the air.


Portraits seen through the eyes of the artist.

Stage show - illusionist

An excellent idea to make your corporate event more attractive. In this show the magician can be carefully observed on the stage while taking the audience into the world of impossible... certainly unforgettable experience.


The band plays the music inspired by traditional rhythms of Africa, Cuba and Brazil with a clear influence of Slavic spirit. The instruments are mainly the drums: djembe and dunduns, Cuban conga, agogo, cowbell, shekere and a whole bunch of different percussions. The total sound is complemented with female vocals, sometimes subtle, sometimes distinct.

Dance show

Performances by professional dance groups in several different themes and variations of choreography depending on the size of the group and the number of dances. Sample options:
-A dance show performed by three dancers - three different dances (e.g. samba, Chicago and other).
-A dance show performed by a couple (salsa, two dance segments) followed by a dance lesson in professional lighting.
-Two dancing couples and a dancing instructor, dance demonstrations, lessons and a lot of fun. All activities performed in professional lighting.

Fire performance

The Group creates a special fire circle in which they perform stunts with fire staff and fans to the Celtic music.

Fireworks show.

Spectacular fireworks display

Beer brewing demonstration

Although beer is considered a high-calorie drink and gets the blame for overweight, it actually has a beneficial effect on our health. Contrary to the popular opinion, beer accelerates metabolism, is rich in B vitamins and contains a high level of antioxidants that protect your heart against diseases. What is most interesting, you can try to prepare the "golden drink" by yourself at home.The three-hour demonstration of beer brewing that we offer will let you learn the process step by step: from milling malted grain to mashing in the mash tun, and brewing with hops in the brewing kettle, and through to the cooling phase and pitching yeast. During the demonstration, you will have a chance to try natural beer ingredients - malt, hops, yeast, as well as the finished products.

Gambling Fun

Casino - big money, mafia, alcohol, gambling, and beautiful women. Would you like to feel like in Las Vegas, a city of sin? We can make you experience the fascination of gambling and feel unforgettable moments in the casino. With especially prepared fake money, no one will lose any fortune.
The price includes:
- American Roulette the diameter of 52 cm, with a table 240 cm long and 120 cm wide,
- Black Jack table measuring 190 cm x 120 cm ,
-cards and chips
- thematic decorations
-professional dealers


A career in the film industry is a dream of almost every child. Although as adults we end up with more stable professions, dreams to be Ingrid Bergman in "Casablanca" or Al Pacino in "The Godfather" are still alive and we smile thinking of them. Thanks to our offer, the childhood dreams may come true ... Teams taking part in this activity will be making a film. Participants work in groups and each is provided with special equipment and some help of a professional assistant operator and an editing program. The teams draw the theme of the movie, then independently write the script, give roles, choose the director and ... arrange their own film set. Each of your employees will have a chance to become a new Tarantino, Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. Later the teams present their film and an independent committee awards prizes for the best one.


TeatrOFFnia is a combination of fun, learning, collaboration and intellectual entertainment, where you can let your imagination run wild to fulfil your dreams of acting or discover your talent for being a play writer, costume designer or a play director, or even win a prestigious prize for the best performance.


Around the World in Just One Night

Basic offer:
- Interior arrangement - the dance hall decorations (flowers, palm trees), stages, interior lighting to create ambient atmosphere, visual projections in the background
- The Speaker - greeting visitors, conducting contests (limbo, strong man, tug of war competition, guess the song, karaoke, and dance contests)
- Music presenter, operating the sound system, choosing the right music
- Karaoke - everyone can sing
- Audiovisual equipment: a set of speakers, lights, projectors, fog generator, generator of soap bubbles
- Two hostesses welcoming the guests, helping with the competitions.

A Hellish Good Event

Basic offer:
- Interior arrangement - the dance hall decorations, stages, interior lighting to create ambient atmosphere, visual projections in the background
- The Speaker - greeting visitors, conducting contests (devil's bones, spirited poker, satanic roulette)
- Music presenter – sound system, choosing the right music
- Karaoke - everyone can sing
- Audiovisual equipment - a set of speakers, lights, projectors, fog generator, generator of soap bubbles
- Two hostesses welcoming the guests, helping with the competitions.

Aqua Hawaii

Lifeguard leading the activity and hostesses-lifeguards ensure your safety and good fun.
- Hawaiian decoration: palm trees, baskets of fruit, flowers, lighting
- Caribbean floral garlands (or pins) for the Guests at the entrance and an exotic drink
-lots of games and contests - including water aerobics, acrobatics, sunken treasure...
-multimedia and karaoke in water, photographs
- soap bubbles generator

Prohibition and the casino

Installations, hostesses, announcer, sound system, roulette, poker, blackjack. Casino - big money, mafia, alcohol, gambling, beautiful women. All sound intriguing, but is available only to a few. What happens inside is a mystery and some know casinos’ nightlife only from films.... Would you like to feel like in Las Vegas, a city of sin? We can make it possible for you to taste the magic of gambling and spend unforgettable moments in the casino. Have you ever been really close to beautiful and sensual dancers? That one night you can experience unforgettable moments, playing until dawn, conquer women's hearts and spend money. No worries. Thanks to specially prepared fake money, no one will lose a great fortune.We will show you that you can experience the mysterious atmosphere of the 20s in any conditions and all like you have only seen in a film...



We offer workshops in various skills including:
Painting: creating paintings with a little help of an artist
Hand Made Art: designing and creating art objects on every occasion, a gift for relatives or colleagues, or for art exhibition at work
Jewellery making
Creating pottery
Crafting with crepe paper
Creating holiday decorations
Music: drumming workshop


Or a philosophy of life?
Although generally everyone knows what yoga is, few would be able to explain it precisely.
In literature yoga is referred to as the system of personal development beyond religion that involves improvement of the body, mind and spirit.

Basic Self-Defence Techniques

Today violence and aggression can occur every day. Nobody can guarantee us complete security. Physical strength alone is not enough when you find yourself in an emergency situation gripped by panic and incapable of rational thinking.Martial art masters say that even a few months of training is not enough to teach the body proper response in the event of being attacked by a mugger. The activity that we offer may encourage your further interest in self-defence?
We offer classes on the basics of self-defence that will help you find out the following:
• how to avoid danger
• how to control stress and panic
• what tricks can help you get out of trouble
You never know when such skills will be useful…..



No matter if it’s a rough forest path, muddy road or a marsh; your quad will overcome any obstacle.


Paintball gives you a thrill that is hard to describe – you have to experience it!


Confront your own fears, cross your barriers and feel the adrenaline.


Climbing wall is a great form of physical activity forboth children and adults.


It’s a great form of testing your capabilities.


If you are looking for fun of driving through forests, mountains and ravines in the mud and with a high level of adrenaline, this is for you


Body zorbing (bubble football, crash ball, bumper ball) is an extremely spectacular and contact yet very safe form of entertainment for everyone regardless of age and gender. This form of team integration combines football, sumo and rugby and is gaining immense popularity. The player slips into an inflated ball and plays with others according to certain rules of a selected scenario. During the very dynamic activity, the participants collide, fall down, do somersaults, stand on their heads, spin, jump, and all this with a lot of positive energy and thrill. At the start, the players are cautious, but once they realize that the ball is completely safe, the confrontation becomes more intense and funny including very fancy stunts.


- It provides a lot of fun and excitement not only for the players but also spectators,
- It is a perfect activity for many occasions,
- One hour is a lot to provide great fun for many people,
- The attraction can be provided inside (halls and gyms, indoor fields) and outside (on grass, artificial grass and sand)


A great way to ensure the participant will enjoy unforgettable experience during a team event is to offer them a Segway ride. Thanks to its innovative, easy and intuitive operation it is a great experience for every rider regardless of gender and age. Its design triggers enthusiasm, brings a smile and positive reaction to people and most importantly satisfaction to the organizer.



Crazy speed, skiing fun, adrenaline and healthy competition.


An excellent idea for a winter integration event


DARTS Game, or rather a set of throwing games in which small missiles are thrown at a circular dartboard fixed to a wall.


En Mini golf



Exciting go-karting rides no matter if it is summer or winter! Driving on the track is a wonderful way to spend your free time. The track has been designed to provide excitement for demanding drivers and courage to the drivers whose adventure with mini-cars is just beginning.

*Prices will be calculated individually depending on the attraction, time and number of participants.