Mud Therapy

Treatment for heavy legs

Price – 160 zł


The treatment improves blood circulation removing fluids which are the main cause of heavy legs by rubbing the serum with lymphatic drainage.  Applied scrub exfoliates dead skin and thermo active wrap improves skin texture. Menthol brings a feeling of freshness and instant relief.


Peloid treatment with infra-red light in Spa capsule

Price – 135 zł


The treatment is focused on intensive body detoxifying, skin rejuvenation, regeneration and vitality. Additionally, peloid is antibacterial and mineralizing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. This treatment is used in spa capsule with infra-red sauna that causes deep tissue warm up making organic acids and salts in the peloid exceptionally effective. The treatment is a combination of therapy and relaxation. Colour therapy in the capsule, aromatherapy and vibratory massage provide maximum relaxation. During the procedure the client is offered short facial reflexology.


Peloid Wrap with Body Scrub

Price – 140 zł


The treatment is detoxifying and brings vitalization to the body. Peloid mud has low thermal conductivity and makes the treated body part heat up. Organic acids and salts in the mud help detoxify the body, provide mineralization and vitalization. The treatment reduces inflammation, eliminates pain and has a strong bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect. Additionally, peloid has cosmetic properties - it triggers elimination of cellulite and fat, helps in firming the body, and regenerates and nourishes the skin. The treatment begins with the whole body scrub, and then the body is covered in mud and wrapped with foil.


Peloid Wrap

Full body – 70 zł

Selected body part – 40 zł


Treatment Contraindications:

- Inflammatory arthritis

- Acute Rheumatoid arthritis

- Soft tissues Inflammation

- Heart failure

- Respiratory failure

- Cancer

- Atherosclerosis

- Pregnancy and menstruation

- Broken skin

- Dermatoses

- Fever