Classic full body massage

Price – 140 zł

Back and shoulder girdle massage

Price – 90 zł

Relaxation Massage

Price – 120 zł

Anti-stress massage

Price – 100 zł


Massage developed to meet expectations of men stressed and tired by too-busy lifestyle or physical exercise and sports. It will put you in a state of deep relaxation and allow you to release accumulated stress. It perfectly eliminates tension and muscle pain improving skin firmness and elasticity, and brings back energy to the entire body. It is a massage which concentrates on the body areas where stress and pain accumulate that is the back, shoulders and neck. It combines manual techniques of muscle relaxation and pressure with stone stamps and massage sticks.

Modelling massage

Price – 140 zł


Energetic manual massage combined with Chinese cupping massage involves massaging of the selected parts of the body (abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms) in a circular motion with a sucked rubber cup. It has slimming and firming effects. This massage also has unique therapeutic effects and brilliantly helps to unblock energy. During the treatment natural oils enriched with vitamins are applied and anti-cellulite complex that helps to burn body fat. It is recommended for fast weight loss in the postnatal period, as well as in sedentary work style.

Slimming massage

Price – 140 zł


It is a highly stimulating and draining massage applied on the body parts particularly vulnerable to fat accumulation. It involves intensive manual breaking up of the fat around the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. It helps to remove toxins from the body. It reduces fat cells and cellulite. During the procedure slimming oil and anti-cellulite serum complex are used. 


Germaine de Capuccini has created a professional line of body care products inspired by the Silk Road. The main components of the line are cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and vanilla - the most expensive and most valuable spices. Their beneficial properties and original working methods move the client into the world full of pleasures and well-being. To achieve the state of complete relaxation, massaging therapists use exotic accessories like stamps with spices, shells, feathers, sticks of buffalo horn.

Aromatic massage "Soothing Paradise"

Price - 200 zł

"Glow Sea" anti-stress massage with a candle

Price - 200 zł

Ayurveda abhyanga massage

Price - 260 zł

Chocolate Temptation" Massage

Price - 200 zł


Relaxing body massage based on liquid hot chocolate is a real chocolate treat.  Cocoa beans have extremely valuable regenerating and nourishing properties. They stimulate microcirculation and reduce body fat, improve mood thanks to endorphins, hormones of happiness. The treatment will put you in a state of deep relaxation. While you skin is experiencing the benefits of chocolate, the sweet smell intoxicates your senses. To pamper you to the limits, the treatment ends with a cup of real hot chocolate to drink.